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Human collaboration at scale

Comrade Cooperative is a member-owned organization of software engineers and innovators, which is based on transparency, meritocracy, and democratic self-governance.

Technology is setting us free

Since we humans have sharpened the first stone, technology is what allows us to do more with less. We have always used existing technology to develop new one and thus its power grows exponentially. Soon, our civilization is about to enter an era in which cognitive labor can be automated with the same efficiency as manual labor was during the previous technological revolutions. In this new environment, humans can thrive only as creators, not workers.

Capitalism is not enough

Most of what we have today is due to capitalism’s amazing ability to create wealth. Despite that, capitalism comes with a toxic side effect – it concentrates ownership. And ownership means responsibility and accountability. Thus, the majority of the economically active population is in the role of “human resources” that are always replaceable by cheaper resources. This creates a deep loss of meaning that erodes the society by leaving the impression that common people have no responsibility for the world they live in. In order to survive, capitalism needs to evolve and create economic structures in which the ownership and the responsibility are shared among all participants, not only the capital owners.

We work with each other,
not for one another

There are these special moments in history when new technology enables us to do something that was previously unthinkable. Right now, these are the blockchain technologies, which allow parties to reach consensus about a truth, without trusting each other. This allows us to establish a new type of incorruptible institutions and self-governed organizations, owned by everyone and no one. We designed the Comrade Cooperative as a blueprint for such an economic entity of the future – an autonomous reward system based on meritocracy.


Our Projects

The Comrade Cooperative is on a mission to help the human civilization adapt to a world driven by automation. We plan to achieve this through an ecosystem of open-source projects that work together to provide the key infrastructure for building a more effective and open economy.

Consensus Network for Autonomous Agents

Apocryph is next generation blockchain network based on a Multi Agent Systems paradigm. Unlike the smart contracts in traditional blockchains, agents can be proactive and initiate transactions, not only validate them. This enables entirely new use cases and new levels of automation, that is governed by decentralized technology. With a main focus on delivering practical solutions Apocryph utilizes existing technologies and modern industrial architecture to allow skills reuse and boost the developer productivity.

Trust can be automated

Institutions are established to bring trust in a society. This trust then enables more transactions to happen and more wealth to be created. As with everything else though, trust has a price – the price of supporting the institutions that enable the trust. Currently our world is driven by political and economic elites that control the  global corporations and governments. While historically they have enabled a huge jump in productivity by establishing a reliable “world order”, our society now starts to realize the enormous price it pays to support these elites.

On the other hand, technology is making what’s expensive and hard to become cheap and easy, turning luxuries into commodities. Thus, if we manage to automate trust we’ll have a new kind of economy where individual parties can transact between each other without relying on power-concentrating institutions. That’s exactly what we aim to achieve with Apocryph. It’s not an isolated project, but the backbone of an ecosystem which should enable us to autonomously cooperate through our work and our computers and form a true peer to peer economy.

Autonomous organizations

An autonomous organization is one which is self-governed by its rules without relying on any external entity to interpret or enforce the rules. Such an organization allows its members to collaborate and work towards a common goal, even if they don’t trust each other. This mechanism can make cooperation a viable alternative to competition, having similar effect as the free markets and becoming a second invisible hand that drives growth. Wetonomy is a framework for defining autonomous organizations as code and executing them on the Apocryph network. It can be used for the establishment of digital cooperatives like Comrade, running bonus systems in traditional companies and even self-governed local communities.

Cooperative computing

Machines that can perform cognitive tasks are already adopted in practically every sector of the economy and there is no doubt that soon they will be the main means of production. Machine Learning algorithms can absorb the patterns in the data they are feeded and learn to excel in every task, including the task of creating other ML algorithms. This results in self-perpetuating automation that can deepen the inequality gap if these new means of production are accessible only through centralized computing clusters. ScyNet is a framework for engaging and rewarding independent computer nodes that cooperate in solving a particular computational problem with the main focus on automated creation of Machine Learning models.

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The End is Near

"The End is Near" - that's how we joke in our programmers team when we see a demonstration of the next revolutionary machine learning model. Generally, we are hard to impress, given that we develop such models ourselves and even strive to make advancements in the academic field - our latest paper in the area of artificial intelligence dialogue agents was published in the journal of the Association for Computational Linguistics. But where does this notion of "the end" come from? Of course,...

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Three Comrades with the prestigious John Atanasov awards

Three Comrades awarded with prestigious John Atanasov diplomas Comrade Cooperative is honored to announce that three of its members have been granted the John Atansov prize! The John Atanasov award is named after the famous physicist of Bulgarian origin, credited for inventing the first automatic electronic digital computer. It is Bulgaria’s most prestigious award in the information technology sector. Each year, during a special ceremony, it’s bestowed to the most prominent minds in the field...

What’s on the horizon for Comrade Cooperative?

The last few months have been quite productive for the Comrade Cooperative. During the inaugural Aeternity Universe One event, we had the chance to talk about these recent developments. In case you missed our presentation, here’s a quick summary of what's cooking around Comrade and its projects ScyNet and Wetonomy. ScyNet - live testnet, upcoming token donation event The ScyNet dev team has produced a running testnet and a real-time demonstration of it can be found right here. The software...

Comrade Coop project ScyNet wins a 250k investment reward at CEE Block

Winning the start-up pitch contest at CEE Block was a blast. It also validated that investors share our vision and see the potential of a transparent platform for AI builders. As the biggest blockchain forum in Central and Eastern Europe, CEE Block brought together high-level policymakers from the European Commission and European Union member states, as well as an inspiring crowd of innovative entrepreneurs. The event took place in Sofia and was abundant of interesting discussion panels on the...

How Comrade will enable DAOs and Autonomous AI – Bloomberg TV – Interview with Todor Kolev

Bloomberg Bulgaria invited the co-founder and Chairman of the Comrade Cooperative, Todor Kolev, to talk about the two main projects the coop is working on: Wetonomy – our system for Decentralized Governance of Organizations – ScyNet – Autonomous Infrastructure for Training AI – The video is with English subtitles, and there is also a transcript of the interview below. Credit: link to the original source of the video on Bloomberg TV. This is Business Meeting. I'm...

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Aragon supports our mission to build human-centric organizations!

We are thrilled to announce the second big piece of major partnership for the year. Our project Wetonomy is now officially part of the Aragon Nest grant program of the Aragon Project team! But enough bragging. Let’s get into details why this partnership is a huge step forward for our cooperative and projects. Who is the Aragon Project With the vision to establish the world’s first decentralized jurisdiction, back in 2017, Aragon launched a token sale for their Aragon Network. Their token sale...

Joining forces with Æternity Ventures – Partnership Announcement

The Comrade Cooperative and Æternity Ventures agreed to a strategic partnership in the field of developing innovative blockchain projects. Æternity Ventures aims to support ambitious projects on the blockchain which use the Æternity platform. The Æternity blockchain platform allows for a large number of blockchain transactions carried out simultaneously along with its security, intuitive mobile applications and easy to set up “smart contracts”. Comrade Cooperative Founded only six months ago...