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We are thrilled to announce the second big piece of major partnership for the year. Our project Wetonomy is now officially part of the Aragon Nest grant program of the Aragon Project team!

But enough bragging. Let’s get into details why this partnership is a huge step forward for our cooperative and projects.

Who is the Aragon Project

With the vision to establish the world’s first decentralized jurisdiction, back in 2017, Aragon launched a token sale for their Aragon Network. Their token sale closed in about 15 minutes, peaking at a rate of $122,000 per second and by the time they closed they were the 4th largest crowdfunding event in history, and the 2nd largest in the blockchain space (after The DAO).

Today Aragon is a platform that enables everyone to: “Build unstoppable organizations on Ethereum — allowing the creation of value without borders or intermediaries”. It implements organizational features such as governance, fundraising, payroll, and accounting. In short, Aragon gives you the foundation to deploy your DAO on the blockchain. This is also the exact foundation that our project, Wetonomy uses.

The Wetonomy Toolkit

The Comrade Cooperative was found with the vision to enable the decentralization of labour, capital and business in general. Wetonomy is one of our most important projects enabling that vision. It is a set of applications and templates built on top of Aragon that streamlines the creation and management of your own DAO. Wetonomy’s toolkit is entirely open-source and will allow teams, companies, and organizations to collaborate, share profits and finance ideas. It serves as our internal platform for managing the cooperative in a decentralized manner.

Being part of Aragon Nest will further boost the development of Wetonomy and the promised schedule towards rolling out its features in the following months.

Special Acknowledgment

Special thanks to our comrades – Todor Kolev, Maya Zhecheva, Ivan-Asen Chakaraov and Ioan Stoyanov for developing Wetonomy and being the active drive behind the application process!

Stay in touch

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